A procedure of collecting information about you for making a diagnosis 

Assessment involves your:

  • Social and biographical background
  • Information collected from other psychological testing
  • Information collected from direct observation.

Energy Field Assessment (Kirlian Photography)

Origin of all diseases is in the consciousness. Research has proved that an energy field surrounds all organisms in the universe. Illness is visible in the energy field before it manifests in the body.

Kirlian photography is used to take photos of the invisible energy fields or ‘aura’. This photograph consists of different layers of colors to represent your physical, emotional and psychological state of health. It reveals psychological withdrawal, emotional imbalance, stress (past and present) and circumstances or relationships. The changes in the energy field can be seen before and after healing. This image will show the changes in the energy distribution around your body and help you look into yourself. Through this you will be able to discover how your emotional and psychological state affects your body’s function.

Kirlian photography is a remarkable tool for gaining insight into ourselves and it confirms that all is energy and energy is everywhere.


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